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Canning in the Modern Kitchen The Farmhouse Chef: Recipes and Stories from My Carolina Farm Jamie's Cookbooks: The Farmhouse Chef: Recipes and Stories from My Carolina Farm & Canning in the Modern Kitchen
A signed copy of Coon Rock Farms own founder, farmer, chef, Jamie DeMent's Canning in the Modern Kitchen cookbook.

Canning isn’t just about putting food in jars and letting it sit and sit―it’s about sealing in the taste of each season and making food from scratch with more interesting and unique flavors. Farmer, restaurateur, and local food advocate Jamie DeMent offers her recipes and tricks for preserving fresh ingredients and interesting creations.

Canning in the Modern Kitchen is ideal whether you’re a novice canner or an experienced cook on the hunt for new recipes and novel techniques. Her delicious recipes go beyond the obvious jams, marmalades, and jellies―the book includes ideas for sauces and unexpected ways to preserve produce and meat. She covers a variety of techniques including basic water bath canning and oven canning, and lays out the equipment needed for successful canning. And, most importantly, she’ll include detailed safety information to make your canning journey as smooth as possible.
A signed copy of Bella Bean's own founder, farmer, chef, Jamie DeMent's cookbook.

As a Bella Bean Organics customer you are already familiar with Jamie's easy to create and delicious "Featured Recipes".  Her cookbook goes a step farther and opens a bright kitchen window onto the newest kind of North Carolina farming life. On fifty-five acres of beautiful Piedmont farmland in Hillsborough, North Carolina, DeMent and her family raise sustainably nurtured and sought-after heirloom varieties of produce and livestock. Every day on Coon Rock Farm, DeMent is in the kitchen serving robust, flavorful, satisfying meals for family, crew, and farm interns—and now you are invited to share the bounty. The Farmhouse Chef offers 150 recipes for every occasion, from down home to downright elegant, inspired by the farm's yield through the four seasons.

From fall's Sage- and Sausage-Stuffed Acorn Squash to Pear and Bacon Salad, to summer's Sugarcane Barbecue Chicken and Watermelon Mojitos,

Dement's cooking style highlights no-nonsense approaches using great ingredients combined with easy preparations for supercharged flavor. Accompanying the recipes are DeMent's deliciously observant stories that illuminate what life is really like on a working farm. A native North Carolinian who decided to commit her energies to the development of sustainable farming in her state, DeMent will inspire those of us who may not have a lot of time to cook, let alone farm, but who care about seasonal, healthfully grown food.
A signed copy of both of Bella Bean's founder, farmer, chef, Jamie DeMent's cookbooks.  The FarmHouse Chef and Canning in the Modern Kitchen.