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Do I need to sign a contract of agreement to get started?

No, there is no agreement or contract to use our service. You can get what you want when you want it, no binding agreements.

Do I have a way to pick and choose what I want?

Yes. You can shop at and customize your order each week. You can sign up for CUSTOM ORDERS ONLY so you never receive a Recommended Box, if that's what you prefer. Or, you can customize the weeks you want and get an RB the weeks you just want we suggest.

How long do I wait for the system to set me up for delivery?

If you sign up/order before Friday at 5PM, you'll get your delivery next Tuesday or Wednesday, based on your location. It may take 2 days after form submission to process your account.

When do I receive my delivery?

Either Tuesday or Wednesday, based on your location. Your welcome e-mail will detail this information based on your specific account.

What if I want every other week?

You can use our online hold form to hold your orders the weeks you don't want an order. Or, you can be on our custom orders list and only get deliveries when you order.

Is there some kind of set up fee?

No fees, no contracts. Only a delivery fee when you place an order and 7.5% sales tax/handling.

Is most of the produce local as well as organic?

The vast majority of the produce is local. We began offering non local but organic produce for our customers out of range of buying organic avocados and fruit (for example) so that they could get all their organic food needs covered.

How do I change my shipping address, cancel my account or make any changes to my service?

Send an e-mail for all these needs.
How do I contact you?
  Please click here for our company contact information.