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Novovito CBD Oil "Bitter Pill" ~ 30 ml
Novovito CBD Oil "Bitter Pill" ~ 30 ml
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NOVOVITA CBD BITTER PILL OIL is a blended oil that captures the Essential Oils, Cannabinoids and Potent Aromas that escape as the flowers dry. Powerful Polyphenols warm your pallet and start the healing with no flavorings or sweeteners added. (A little honey helps palatability.) Grown with 100% organic cultivation practices in virgin soil.

Ingredients: Oil Carrier blend of Fatty Acids, 100% Full Spectrum Cannabis Flowers. The flowers (coleus) are covered with trichomes that contain the cannabinoids and terpenes. We use two methods to harvest the trichomes. One washes with oil, while the other dissolves in alcohol. We process at low temperatures to maintain the terpenes. This provides our oil with the fullest spectrum of cannabinoids we can collect. Our oils are the broadest spectrum products that we can currently produce.

ABOUT NOVOVITA CBD: Novovita produces exceptional premium crafted CBD Oils and full-spectrum Cannabis Flowers. We make extracts from flowers to make topical ointments, sublingual drops, eatables and dabs. Cannabis, also known as hemp, secretes essential oils to protect itself and produces cannabinoids (including CBD) as part of its system of reproduction and flowering. Together they provide an exceptional group of natural bioavailable and bioactive compounds beneficial to the human body and mind. In fact, the human body is naturally provided with receptors for cannabinoids, facilitating direct healing. Our hemp is special. Conserving terpenes makes the difference. Terpenes are a group of fragrant essential oils that are created alongside cannabinoids and contribute to the complex aroma of cannabis. They are also generally responsible for many of the distinguishing characteristics of different strains and are a source of potential medical benefits.* We believe that our products offer honest value in product efficacy concentration. We go to great measures to preserve the terpenes and to produce products that retain the full cannabinoid spectrum of the live plant. Other products are often made from a 98% isolate of pure CBD that does not contain the plantís original wealth of bioactive elements, including those that act directly with the brain through the limbic system.
NOTE: GRAMS OF PLANT ESSENCE PER MILLILITER: 1 ml = 1 g or 1,000 mg 1% CANNABINOIDS IS 10 mg per ml 20 DROPS = 1 ml
Lincolnton, NC

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